New Equipment: Anvil Foundry 6.5G

So I got my hands on a 6.5G(24.6L) Anvil foundry for a few reasons. First of all I have a lot of beer around and I like to make test patches. Making them in 5 gallon batches is a lot of beer. So I had looked around and what I had left over from the year and remembered I froze my hops from this years harvest, Lets toss them into a beer. Decided something simple and hopefully a little hoppy,

This is the first brew with this system so its going to be a learning curve. I pulled a preset profile on and setup a simple two row beer and a little hop flavor, hopefully. I decided to use my frozen harvest hops as well why not lol. Added the water and milled the grains. I did have to run out and get a few more lbs of grain and the yeast as I wanted some fresh yeast.

Hit 158F(70C) added the grains and forgot to turn the Anvil 6.5 down in power as it over shot while I was adding in the grains. Oh well, turned down to 50% power to see how that maintains. I did add my lid with holes on top of the brew in a bag to help distribute the returning wort. 60% power seem to be the sweet spot to maintain temperature. I’m keeping up the normal stuff I do and at 30 mins(16:13) into the mash I gave it a good stir. @16:37 I turned the Anvil up to 168F(75.5C) and 100% power to mash out. @16:40 was up to the 168F(75.5C), that was fast makes me want to switch over to 220 on my other Anvil. @16:45 I turned the Anvil up to 212F(100C0 and 100% power, starting off at 164F(73.3C). Pulled a gravity sample of 1.037SG and have about 3.75G(13.2L) of wort. @17:02 hit 200F(93.3C) and pulled my typical hot break this time is 1 cup(240mL). @17:07 turned the power down to 75%.

@17:11 turned back up to 100% power and the boil started. Followed the recipe for the additions. only had about 3 oz of hops, more Cascade. The smell was really nice and hopefully goes into a nice flavor. Pitched the US-05 and cleaned up my equipment.

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