Hey all welcome to my home brewing website. So I started to home brew back in 2019 and haven’t looked back. I started off with extract and quickly learned to enjoy the hobby. The funny thing was before this I drank Bud light and only in the summer. I was more of a whisky drinker, some may remember the crown in a McDonalds cup and a straw. I bottled my first few batches of beer and learned quickly that was a lot of work and the extra 2 weeks of waiting. Luckily I never had one not carbonate but I have heard stories and read a lot.

I started listening to this pod cast last summer, (2019) Home Brew Happy Hour. Going quickly though the episodes I learned a lot and they the show is great to listen to. Well purchased some kegging equipment in the summer of 2019 with my first one tap kegerator. I had purchased a few kegs and also a few kits and quickly got them filled up and ready to server. I continued my extract brews and fine tuned some of the process, during that time I did a few small 1 gallon all grain batches and loved what I had made.

This quickly started the itch to go all grain. I reviewed so many system and purchased a cooler, a large pot, a wort chiller, and a few other items and I was starting my all grain, as the temps were getting cold, here in good old New England. I cranked out a few batches before the temps got cold and the brewing came to a stop. I was also reviewing a lot of all in one machines during the start of it but they were costly. Xmas was coming and I asked Santa, very nicely, for a Anvil Foundry.

Santa came with a new Anvil Foundry, and 2 stainless steel buckets. And man have I been enjoying brewing with this equipment. Brewing with my daughter she had come up with a few names and Dirty Bucket Brewing. Come out of it.

I decided to track my process and share with who ever wants to read along. Its a giant work in progress and so is my brewing. Lol.

Thanks and Happy Brewing