UPDATE: Light Ale Brew Day 12-15-23

Check out the brew day here

I got to say, after pitching the yeast a few hours later I had activity in both fermenters but the bread yeast batch definitely had more activity. The next morning the bread yeast batch was going to town.

I had posted multi videos on my Instagram as it was interesting seeing the difference in fermentation. Fermentation with the bread yeast was the most active out of both of them and that was the one that finished first. After fully fermenting and letting it rest for another week I transferred to two separate 2.5 gallon kegs to carbonate up. Both of these beers have been next to each other from the beginning so I can say the really only difference is the yeast used.

I did do one round of testing and had three people. I took three samples, 2 were the us05 and 1 was the bread yeast. All three determined which one was the odd man out and in regards to preference it was split. More testing to come as I have 2.5 gallons of each 8).

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