Bob Toot’s Cream Ale brew day 2-16-2024

This is another Home Brew Happy Hour kit and looking at the last time I brewed this they changed it up of so very slightly. Collected the water the day before and added int he salts along with milling up the grains. I’m not setting the timer as I just start it before I head out for grocery shopping.

@7:25 started to add in the grains and then @7:27 started the 60 minute mash timer. 30 minutes into the mash I shut the pump off and gave the grain bed a good stir to ensure I get good extraction. I always do it and did notice my efficiency climb slightly doing it. @8:18 I turned the Anvil up to 168F(75.5C) and 100% power to mash out. @8:30 hit the 168F(75.5C) and let it rest for 5 minutes before pulling the grain bag/basket out. Turned the Anvil up to 212F(100C) and 100% power to start getting myself to a boil while draining off the wort and cleaning what I can. @8:40 pull the basket and tilted to allow more wort to drain out and gave the bag a good squeeze. Pulled a gravity sample of 1.042SG and 6.75G(25.5L) of wort. @9:10 we hit 200F(93.3C) and pulled my typical 2 cups(450mL) of hot break off the top.

@9:22 started the boil timer and added in my only hop addition. With 15 minutes left in the boil I put the wort chiller in and ran the water lines as 10 minutes left I added in the Irish moss and yeast nutrient. @10:22 started the wort chiller and pulled a wort sample of 1.045SG and had 6.25G(23.6L). @10:33 the wort was down to 90F(32.2C). @10:40 wort was down to 72F(22.2C) and transferred to my fermentor and pitched the yeast. Toss it into my fermentation chamber and set it to 62F(16.6C). Cleaned up and all wrapped up by 10:55.

@16:10 on February 25th I pulled a gravity sample of 1.004SG and decided to start to drop the temperature to start to cold crash, typically will shoot for 38F(3.3C).

@19:30 on March 8th, 12 days chilling out. As I always do I fill my kegs up with sanitizer and then push with CO2 to purge them. I also purge the transfer line and valve. With 1 PSI I push the beer from the fermentor to my keg. I love to see the condensation line from the cold beer hitting the keg, it helps figure out where you are along with I weight each keg. Once completed the transfer I placed in the refrigerator with CO2 on to carbonate up. Pulled a little sample to taste to see how its going. Not a lot in the flavor which is good. Pretty dry. It has some good mouth feel to it. For being the very bottom of the fermentor it was pretty clear. Can’t wait for a fully carbonated version of this.

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