HBR – My first Sour brewed on 2-9-2024

So this is my first sour and really haven’t gotten into sours until most recently. I have read a lot about sour beers but have been hesitant to brew one. With this new yeast out that sours without needing all the extra stuff I finally decided, after a little push from an in-law, to use the Philly Sour Yeast and try my luck. Check out the brew day here.

Appearance: First thing that comes to mind is the color of grapefruit. This nice light red color all from those raspberries I put in.

Flavor: Raspberry forward with sourness that really pops as you swallow and ends dry making me want to drink more.

Mouthfeel: At first wine like and a puckering happens.

Overall, I love this beer. It has great flavor and perfect sourness where its not too sour. I’m thinking I may want to cut back a little on the raspberries, but still not sure. Going to drink the rest of them and make another batch, this time 5 gallons. Not sure if Ill tweak anything. Stay tuned to find out.

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