My first Sour brew day 2-9-2024

So as the title suggests this is my first sour. With that said I’m not doing the typical sour with other bugs but have decided to try out the Philly Sour yeast that came out. After doing some research into the style with seeing other recipes that use Philly Sour I had come up with this recipe, a Raspberry Sour. I had purchased frozen Raspberries for this and decided to put them into the end of the boil so I can sanitize them and why not, next time if I want more flavor Ill either add more or dry hop with them later, just need to figure out the sanitizing of them. I also typically brew on a Saturday/Sunday morning but have decided to do an after work Friday afternoon brew. So the day before I gathered up the water and added in the brewing salts. The recipe did call for lactic acid but I didn’t have any and didn’t affect the PH to much. Gathered the grains and milled. Ill wait till the morning to fire up the Anvil and set the timer.

Got up this morning and started my timer at 4:48 this morning. When I got home I was pretty close to my strike temperature of 149F(65C). @15:24 started added the grains and started the timer at 15:25, turned the pump on and let it ride. @15:55, 30 minutes into the mash I gave the grain bed a good stir. @16:53 pulled the grain basket. I got called away while I was mashing, and turned the Anvil up to a full boil and 100% power. Pulled a sample for PH and measured in at 5.2 and took a gravity sample of 1.040 SG.

@17:27 boil started. I missed pulled my hot break, oh well. Busy night running around. Added in the hops at the 30 minute mark and put the chiller in with 15 minutes left. Tossed in the Irish Moss and yeast Nutrients in with 10 minutes left and at 4 minutes I tossed in the Raspberries. I pulled the frozen berries out when I started to brew to thaw them out so I don’t crash my boil which I did, I tried to stagger them in but ended up dropping it to 200F(93.3) where it stayed for the last few minutes of the boil and I started to chill it down. Pulled of gravity sample of 1.045 SG @ 18:27 I started to chill the wort which was at 202F(94.4C). NOTE TO SELF: I think next time I’m going to heat up the raspberries with some wort on a separate pan and then add. @18:38 it was down to 80F(26.6C) to I transferred and all cleaned up by 18:50.

@16:2 on 2-16-2024 I placed my hydrometer into the beer and had a 1.010SG which is a few points off from what but plan on letting it sit a few more days before canning it up. I have to say fermentation on this was long. It still right now bubbling away really slow now but for days it was constant. Will let it continue to do its thing.

@14:45 on February 23 I decided to can this batch up. There hasn’t been activity in days. Caned up and also had a PH of 3.3. As I normally do pulled 22 12 oz cans on these small batches.

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