Session IPA 2.5 Gallon Brew day 1-28-2024

This is the part two of my session IPA this round with a different hop schedule. I like to try different hop combinations to see what works best. The night before I collected the water and added in the salts and set the timer to start early morning so when I wake up I can dough in.

At 6:20 I started to add in the grains and 6:23 I started the 60 minute timer. @6:53 gave the grains a good stir after stopping the pump. Started the pump again to finish out the mash. Smelling really good right now. With 3 minutes left in the mash I turned the Anvil up to 168F(75.5C) to mash out. Let it rest there for a few minutes before puling the grain basket out. @7:30 I pulled the grain basket and started to clean up items that are no longer needed while awaiting the boil. Took a gravity reading of 1.038 and had 3.75G(~14L) of wort. @7:52 hit 200F(93.3C) and pulled my typical 1cup(250mL) of hot break and awaiting to hit the 212F(100C).

@8:00 hit a boil and started the timer. I love this brew as not much to do for additions. I did think about dropping this to a 30 minute boil but haven’t done it yet. I do like the color I get out of the 60 minute boil. Added the chiller with 15 minutes left in the boil and then at 10 minutes left in the boil, I added in the Irish moss and the yeast nutriments. Pulled a wort sample and got 1.045 SG and about 3.25G(12.3L) of wort. @9:00 started to chill the wort to 170F(76.6C) it took under 2 minutes to pull down to 174F(78.8C) where I shut off the chiller and added in the hops, it balanced off at 172F(77.7C). Left them for 10 minutes and then started the chiller again. Occasionally stirring around the hops to ensure the oils get pulled out. @9:12 started the chiller again. @9:23 was down to 74F(23C) and transferred to my fermentor. Added the yeast and cleaned up. @9:35 all completed.

@15:10 on 1-31-24 I added the dry hops. This morning the CO2 was still bubbling out and when I got home it has slowed down to a point that it really isn’t bubbling any more so definitely time to pitch.

@18:50 I pulled a gravity sample of 1.010 SG. Put the fermentor into my chest freezer and started to pull the temperature down to 38F(3.3C).

@ 19:30 on 2-16-24 I pulled the fermentor and filled 22 cans while adding a carbonation tab to each can. Let those cans sit for two weeks and label up.

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