Koln Kolsch brew day 3-17-2024

Well as my brews normally start off the day before I had collected all the water required for the brew and also added in the salts per the recipe which can be found here. Milled the grains and got setup for brewing the next morning.

@6:13 started the mash timer and added in the grains to start the mash. Gave it all a good stir and covered till I do my 30 minute stir. @6:43 shut off pump and gave the grain bed a good stir and started up the pump again. With 9 minutes left in the mash I turned the Anvil up to 168F(75.5C) to mash out. @7:17 pulled the grains as it hit 168F(75.5C) and let drain, while turning the Anvil up to 212F(100C) 100% power. @7:53 hit 200F(93.3C) I pulled my typical 2 cups(500mL) of hot break off the top. Pulled a gravity sample of 1.039SG and had about 6.75 Gallons (25.5L).

@8:04 boil started and let it run for 30 minutes before adding the first addition for 60 minutes. With about 15 minutes left in the boil I added in the wort chiller and hooked up the hoses in preparation for chilling the wort. I do like these long boils and really no additions. With 5 minutes left in the boil I decided to toss in 1/2 oz of Tettnager hops just because I had them in the refrigerator and wanted to use them up. I think its a decent add to these and I guess the beer will tell when its ready. My mind was floating on this brew and added in the yeast nutrients and Irish moss with 5 mins left in the boil. @9:34 started to chill the wort down. Pulled a wort sample of 1.042SG @9:43 was down to 104F(40C) by 10:00 I had yeast pitched and started cleaning up and cleaned up by 10:15.

17:45 on March 28th I took a gravity sample of 1.004sg. Which pulls this brew in at 4.99%. Placed in my chest freezer and started to drop the temperature to cold crash. I tend to step it down, starting off with 58F(14.4C).

@14:30 on April 7th I got my setup out and started to transfer over to a flushed keg. and placed in the refrigerator on CO2 to carbonate up. I needed to clean some kegs so this sat 38F(3C) and finally got around to it. Took a sample at the very end so a little cloudy and this has a nice malty flavor to it. Can’t wait to try this one.

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