Playing with Yeast brew day 2-25-2024

So as I was looking at some ingredients for another brew I decided to take some grain I had from a kit that opened up during shipping and use that to make wort for some yeast starters. I’m going to play around with my frozen yeast and also my backyard yeast after learning what was causing my off flavor.

@9:15 I pulled 1 gallon(3.78L) of RO water and milled up 2 lbs of those grains I had. It will probably be a dark beer but oh well its what I have around. I pulled three viles out of the freezer and started to let them thaw out on there own. I’m using a counter stove top pot and stove so its always fun maintaining temperature in this but it keeps me on my toes. @9:30 the water hit 150F(65.5C) and added the grains. Let temperature float from 140F(60C) to 155(68.3C). The wort definitely smells roasty but hopefully by diluting down it won’t mater. I’m looking to dilute this down to 1.020SG. @10:17 I pulled the grains and got my first reading of 1.078SG, Added a gallon(3.78L) of water and lets see what it comes in at. Added in 1.5 gallons(5.67L) and got the SG down to 1.020SG. Drained off 1/2 of it, so next time I know just cut everything in 1/2 and Ill have the right amount that I need.

@11:10 it started to boil and ill let that go for 10 minutes, also placed the lid on to sanitize for the 10 minute boil. Added 1/4 tsp of yeast nutrients as well. @11:20 I pulled the wort from the boil and placed in my sink filled with cold water to chill down. @11:40 Set myself up with the frozen yeast first and pulled 3 10mL samples of wort and used my loop and went through each of the frozen samples. I pulled three of the same yeast samples(wyeast 2206) as this yeast is over a few years old. Then I pulled my backyard yeast slant out and found that it had dried up. Time got away from me on that, but wanted to still try it so I soaked the loop in wort and then rubbed it through the plates. Picked up some dry yeast and lets see what happens.

@15:15 on March 1st 2024 I pulled some extra wort I had collected from last Sunday. I had pulled two small jars and placed them in the refrigerator. Well the good news is the yeast did ferment all the tubes. So the frozen yeast is still active and so is my backyard yeast from the dry plates. I did check on them a few days after setting aside and I did see signs of fermentation. All 6 viles smelled good so I pitched the three frozen into one jar and pitched the other 3 backyard yeast into another jar. Placed them in a dark location and will let them ferment out. I may try and make some extra wort this weekend to allow these to setup up the counts.

@10:20 on March 17th I had pulled about 1200mL of wort from a brew and wanted to prop up my backyard yeast so pulled the wort and pitched the yeast. The backyard and frozen yeast both fermented in the small jars as you could see a krusen on the jar. Placed the flask in my cabinet to ferment out.

@18:50 March 18th I had to take a peek and there was some good activity in the flask.

Ended up canning up two can’s of the back yard brew and just took a taste of the frozen yeast. The frozen yeast tasted OK but there was something in the background I didn’t like. Can’t wait to try the backyard yeast. I’m going to wait to pitch the dregs from the can so maybe Ill do that next brew. If I’m happy with that Ill let it grow and see if anyone want to play with the yeast.

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