Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone Brew Day 4-21-2024

Here is another beer kit I receive monthly from Here is the recipe. As I normally do, I collected the RO water the night before and added in the brewing salts. Additional milled up the grains and got myself ready for the morning brew. Setup the Anvil to start at 5:15.

@6:20 hit the 152F(66.6C) and added in the grains and started the mash at 6:22. As I normally do at 30 minutes into the mash I stopped the pump and gave the grain bed a good stir. Since I’m brew in a bag it really won’t affect the clarity of the wort that much. Had a little spill as I forgot to add the clamp and the hose started to seep when I shut it off. Added the clamp and continued to mash. With 8 minutes left in the mash I turned the Anvil up to 168F(75.5C) and 100% power to mash out. @7:28 hit the 168F(75.5C) and stopped the pump and pulled the grain bag out. Let drain and turned the Anvil up to a full boil and 100% power while the wort drains out of the bag. Pulled a gravity sample after it all drained of 1.043SG and had 6.9Gallons(31L) of wort. At 08:05 the wort hit 200F(93C) I pulled my typical 2 cups(475mL) of hot break and awaited the boil.

@8:25 the boil started and added in the 60 minute addition and let the boil continue and continued to add in the additions as per the recipe. With 18 minutes left in the boil I added in the wort chiller to start to sanitize and at the 10 minute mark added in the Irish Moss and Yeast Nutrient. Started the wort chiller at the end of the boil and added in my flame out addition. I didn’t whirlpool them just tossed them into the basket and chilled down the wort. Grab a gravity reading of 1.047SG and had about 6.4G(24L) of wort. @9:20 wort was down to 149F(65C). @9:27 was down to 93F(33.8C). @9:31 wort was down to 77f(25C) and started to transfer over to my fermentor. Typically that will drop that down to where I want to be which it was at 69F(20.5C) when it was placed in the chest freezer. @9:39 pitched the yeast and placed the fermentor into my chest freeze set to 65F(18.3C) @9:51 all cleaned up.

@ 17:30 on April 26th I pulled a gravity reading of 1.006 which equates to about 5.38% ABV. I placed the fermentor back into the chest freezer and dropped the temperature to 50F(10C).

@18:00 on May 3rd I finally transferred over to a keg. Was able to pull a full 5 gallons. Placed the keg in the refrigerator to carbonate up over the next few weeks. Pulled a sample and tasted. Has some decent flavor and can’t wait for the carbonation. Ran pretty clear in the hose and pulled the sample at the end of the push to the keg. Cleaned up the equipment and called it around 18:32

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